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Torrid Literature Journal

Volume XVI - Survivor

Release Date: October 1, 2015

TL Publishing Group LLC closes out the year with Volume XVI Survivor. The literary material in this publication is guaranteed to leave an impact on the hearts and minds of readers as the writers speak their truth in the way that only they can.

With fresh and familiar voices gracing the pages of this publication, readers will quickly fall in love with the extraordinary way in which the writers share moments from their lives. Readers will laugh, cry, and even hold their breath as they journey from poem to poem and story to story.

Every writer has a unique signature and through the Torrid Literature Journal, TL Publishing Group is continuing to compile the best selections of literature that reveal the benefits of artistic expression. Readers will finish this publication feeling eager to embrace their own voice and craft.

TL Publishing Group remains to true to their mission as they continue to expand their platform for writers. From publishing and editing services to literary events and contests, they are diligently and consistently pouring into the culture of literature. Supporters of artistic expression are encouraged to stick close with TL Publishing Group as they continue on their journey.

Contributors: John Grey; James Stoner; Amber Allen; Philip Farris; Jolene Munch Cardoza; Howard Winn; Liza Marshtein; Pattie Flint; Valentina Cano; Vincent Klein; Benjamin Schmitt; Richard Hartwell; Sara Bailey; Tyler Pufpaff; Bailey Workman; B. Diehl; Philip C. Kolin; Lisbon Tawanda Chigwenjere; Ed Higgins; Jim Landwehr; Charlie Weeks; Domenic Scopa; Justin Rose; Erren Geraud Kelly; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Stephen M. Hood; Or Amit

Volume XV - Untamed Creative Voices

Release Date: July 1, 2015

TL Publishing Group starts off Volume XIV Untamed Creative Voices with a special interview that reveals the interior scope of a writer’s mind. Jim Landwehr, a writer from Waukesha, Wisconsin and author of
Written Life, takes readers behind the scenes of his work as he discusses the sources of his inspiration, writing tips, and much more. This interview sets the atmosphere for the rest of the publication, which contains pages of vibrant and thought provoking literature written by writers from around the world.

Literature is about stylistic expression. The contributing writers in Volume XIV use their words to carefully construct beautiful images that tell unforgettable stories that imprint upon the senses. The readers will see, touch, and experience life through someone else’s eyes. Overall, Volume XIV will leave readers in awe of the artistic power that writers yield.

The Torrid Literature Journal also continues its creative regimen of providing readers with literary works that ponder, discuss, and refute interesting aspects of life. This publication has an aesthetic appeal that roars with artistic freedom. Lovers of literature and creative expression will come to appreciate the way this ongoing publication continues to find a place into the hearts and minds of its readers.

Contributors: Nathaniel Osborne; Barry Yeoman; Liza Marshtein; Kristiane Weeks; Paul Smith; Tom Montag; Mark Antony Rosi; Michael Jerry Tupa; Jeanne M Kachnij; Philip C. Kolin; Amber Allen; Holly Wells; Laura Berstein-Machlay; Sharon (TJ) Parks; Ryan Murphy; Richard Spilman; James Stoner; Phillip Farris; Robin Peroldo; Christina Mengis; Collen Farrelly; James Sutton; Justin Rose; Barbara McGaw; Roy Bentley; Jim Landwehr; Erren Geraud Kelly; Allison Grayhurst; Philip Goldberg; Douglas Cole; Brandon Madden; Victoria Griffin; Daniel Ruefman

Volume XIV - Chaos

Release Date: April 1, 2015

TL Publishing Group makes a dynamic return with a new release the Torrid Literature Journal. This release presents readers with the noteworthy literature they know and love. Volume XIV Chaos picks up where Volume XIII Déjà Vu left off by continuing to showcase literary pieces that discuss everyday topics from family, faith, and love to literature, self-reflection and nature. The contributors in this issue do more than simply touch on these topics. They dive deep beneath the chaos that occurs in life. They go beneath the surface to uncover the treasures and the hidden beauties in life.

Writers are specialists at this because they understand words. They understand that words have power and when used correctly they give life. They give life to dreams, hope to the tired, and freedom to the confined. The list goes on because the benefits are limitless. It’s no wonder writers create art like they do. They have an infinite supply of tools at hand and boundaries are of no concern. 

In general, this publication contains poems and short stories that are contemporary in nature and reassuring to senses. Supporters of literature will not regret adding this publication to their reading collection. TL Publishing Group is well on its way to actively completing their mission, which is to support and strengthen the culture of literature. Join them on this journey and discover a true appreciation for the written word and the way it caters to the heart and imagination. 

Contributors: Richard Spilman; Dean K Miller; Monica Lynn Moraca; Marchell Dyon Jefferson; William Doreski; Cara Vitadamo; Nikki Johnson; James Sutton; Chrystal Berche; Tyler Pufpaff; Jacobs Sterling; James Croal Jackson; David Rutter; Gloria Keeley; Jim Landwehr; Robert Joe Stout; Scott Honeycutt; Richard Spilman; M.E. Lerman; Carolyn D. Elias; Hannah Dellabella; Sandra Rokoff-Lizut; Nikita Hernandez; Amy S. Pacini; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Smita Sriwastav; Suzane Bricker; Casmir Hodge; Chris Negron; A. Leigh Corbett; James Bezerra; Sophie Kidd; Laura Baird; Sidney Mann; Cheyenne Proffitt; Megan Hughes

Volume XIII - Déjà Vu

Release Date: January 1, 2015

TL Publishing Group kicks off the New Year with the release their third anniversary issue of the Torrid Literature Journal. A new year brings new beginnings and through Volume XIII Déjà Vu, quite a few new voices make their appearance on the scene of literature. A few familiar voices also make a return. Altogether, Volume XIII Déjà Vu is packed with engaging and thought-provoking literary material that will lock readers in for an interesting journey.

One of the highlights of this issue is Jacob Erin-Cilberto’s review of Gwendolyn Jensen’s poetry book As If Toward Beauty. Readers will enjoy how Erin-Cilberto pulls Jensen’s poetry apart and discusses the intimate and familiar structure of her poems as they relate to general life.

What’s more, life itself is a journey and it’s never complete without a map to help guide the travelers. This is where the role of a writer comes in. They have the innate ability to navigate the senses. Only a writer can map the vast landscapes of life in a way that communicates a true understanding of the power of the written word.

Fine literature like this only gets stronger with time because the affects never wear off. These poems and stories will be just as relevant today as they will be several years from now. Their ability to inspire, encourage, and entertain readers will never grow old. Moreover, there is no better way to start the year off than by discovering what the writers in this issue have to say. With over 25 different pieces of literature, Volume XIII Déjà Vu has a diverse collection of material that will cater to a variety of tastes.

TL Publishing Group is just getting started and the route ahead looks promising. Writers, readers, and general supporters of literature don’t want to miss out on this literary journey.

Contributors: Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Dean K Miller; William Miller; Emily Strauss; William Doreski; Yinka Reed-Nolan; Nikki Johnson; Sarah Weiler; Dylan Wilson ; Philip Jackey; Susan Martin; Chris Farrell; Jean Ann Owens; Monica Lynn Moraca; Marchell Dyon Jefferson; Paul Weidknecht; Amy S. Pacini; Owen Vince; Richard Hartwell; Tyler Pufpaff; Kobina Wright; Athar C. Pavis; B. Diehl; A.J. Huffman; John Repp; Holly Day; Justin Rose; April Salzano; Grant Fetters; Justin Rose; Alex Hallwyler; Danuta Blaszak