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New Release 10/1/15: Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. XVI Survivor
TL Open Mic Night: Saturday, Nov. 14th @ The Bunker from 8-11PM



New Release July 1st:
Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. XV Untamed Creative Voices
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Contributors: Nathaniel Osborne; Barry Yeoman; Liza Marshtein; Kristiane Weeks; Paul Smith; Tom Montag; Mark Antony Rosi; Michael Jerry Tupa; Jeanne M Kachnij; Philip C. Kolin; Amber Allen; Holly Wells; Laura Berstein-Machlay; Sharon (TJ) Parks; Ryan Murphy; Richard Spilman; James Stoner; Phillip Farris; Robin Peroldo; Christina Mengis; Collen Farrelly; James Sutton; Justin Rose; Barbara McGaw; Roy Bentley; Jim Landwehr; Erren Geraud Kelly; Allison Grayhurst; Philip Goldberg; Douglas Cole; Brandon Madden; Victoria Griffin; Daniel Ruefman



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Open Mic Night: Join us Saturday, November 14th from 8-11PM at The Bunker as we celebrate the arts in our local community. All performers and lovers of the arts are welcome to come and attend our show. It will be a night to remember.

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